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Sci-fi Daily

Enjoy your stay at scifi_daily. Feel free to join in and post a picture or two. (one post a day only, please!) :)

November 2012
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Meredith [userpic]


Entries at scifi_daily will be members only from now on. This is because of the huge amount of spam in recent times. Joining is easy and for now, will remain unmoderated, so if you're watching the comm, but not a member, join up for more pretties. :)

Samantha [userpic]

Source: Chevron One

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Samantha [userpic]

Source: Galactica.com

help, i'm alive ;; [userpic]

From Stargate Caps

So, I thought today might be a good day for a cap that never fails to make me laugh - I think it's the eyebrows- seeing as I've missed a few weeks, (I'm really sorry about that!) you get a picture of Daniel. Though perhaps a little different from normal. ;D

Samantha [userpic]

Sorry I haven't been posting all week, I'm in Vancouver at the Stargate convention and having a fantastic time! And I come with pics courtesy of my lovely roommate jenniferjensen (who has a way better seat and camera than me).

I will have pics and a report when I get back :)

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